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Why choose Carrelage et Marbre Fredj Mkhinin?

The construction market in Tunisia is very competitive and the choice of your supplier is not easy. For this reason, the group Carrelage et Marbre Mkhinini stood out by focusing on quality and investing to achieve specific goals.

Highlights of the company Carrelage et Marbre Mkhinin

Advanced technology

The Mkhinini factory is always equipped with machines furnished with the latest technology, to ensure optimal performance as well as the comfort of teams working on it.

Mastery of quality

The company Carrelage et Marbre Fredj Mkhinin (FMCM) has more than 40 years of experience in the field of production of building materials. Over the years, the company has acquired the necessary know-how to master perfectly its quality of production. Today, the tiles and marble Mkhinini are signed with high quality.

Qualified staff

Our staff is endowed with a practice of more than twenty years which allowed him to acquire a skill and a perfect mastery of the trade. At the same time, our teams are reinforced by the best specialists in the field, with the ability to handle virtuosity and modern technology.


Founded in 1975, Mkhinini is one of the pioneering companies in the field. Over time, FMCM has had the merit of positioning itself at the top of the market and outperforming competing companies. This has been possible with great professionalism, commitment, dexterity and quality.

Renowned customers.

At the moment, FMCM's clients are internationally renowned brands that have not hesitated to choose us as partners and to trust us.

They chose us: SPIG, SPRO, LEONI, MSL,...